5 software tools College students can use for online learning

Technology space continues to grow rapidly, thus impacting most sectors of the economy. Academic institutions are no exceptions; they have also been influenced in one way or the other. They have shifted some of the classes to the e-learning portal. This means that the students need some essential software to help them learn online. College students also use this software to access site such as thesishelpers.com to get assistance through an online platform 

Nowadays, there is no need for the student to go to class. The lecture can guide while at the comfort of his or her home. For this to be successful, they must use software that will help them connect well. This post explains the software tools college students can use for online learning.

5 software tools College students can use for online learning


  • Video conferencing


This is a modern tool that allows the student to connect with their lecturer virtually. The lecture doesn’t need to attend the class. It is only the students who need to gather in one place. In this case, there is a screen where the students can see their lecturer. The lecturer can also see the students.

By using this tool, the students can ask the lecturer any question concerning the topic of that day. As you can see, video conferencing is a tool that saves a lot of time and money. You can access the lecturer from a different country. It would be costly for a lecturer to travel from one country to another.


  • Elucidat¬†


This is a cloud-based tool for online learning. This tool was mainly developed to replace the use of desktops that only allowed one person to access an online platform. With the help of elucidate, you can have a team of people on one online platform. If you are the one facilitating e-learning, you have a chance of publishing materials that can be accessed by learners.

For this tool to be successful, the lecturer must communicate with the students and set a time for online learning. All of the students or a group of students must be online at the same time. The lecture can also upload or publish learning materials for the students. The students can then login to their accounts and access the materials.


  • Powerpoint presentation


Another essential tool for online learning is PowerPoint presentations. For all the classwork that requires presentation, the lecturer can use PowerPoint to do so. PowerPoint allows you to present graphic images to the students.

The software can also help to assess the performance of the students. Lecture can request students to present what they have already done via PowerPoint. The lecturer doesn’t need to be there. He can be far away from the students. It is an efficient way of delivering academic content.


  • WizIQ


This is modern software commonly used by those universities offering online courses. Teachers and tutors can also use it. WizIQ software allows lecturers to provide real-time learning to students using the internet. The students who have enrolled in online classes do not need to go to classrooms. 

The lecturer can give the student assignments which they can later submit via the same online platform. There is close interaction between lecturers and students; they feel like they are in the same room. It is the same as a real classroom. The difference is that this one uses the internet.


  • Udemy


If you have been looking for online software that is absolutely free, try udemy. Udemy is software used by students across the world. It is considered to have more than two million students globally and over 15,000 courses. Well, this is resourceful software for college students. The good thing with udemy is that it is absolutely free. There are no charges required for you to access the resources.

The software has features that allow the instructor to interact with students. The course creators can also upload files meant for the student. Another worthwhile feature is that tutors can interact with students through a video platform.

Nowadays, you can get anything you want in the comfort of your home. Students do not have to attend classes. Also, some sites have a lot of free resources that students can use. Software tools facilitate all this. You cannot access them without these special tools; make use of them.


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