Uses & Benefits Of Autorox Software For Better Garage Management

Owning and running a garage profitably are two different things. It is here that the role of software for better garage management comes into play. Among many of these is the garage management software from Autorox which provides the users with real-time car repair estimates. This is likely to improve the Return on Investment for the garage owners. This software has state of the art technology and comes with easy to use interface and comes in three different variants that can be chosen from as per the requirement at the garage.

Types of Garage Management Software

Autorox offers three types of garage management software. The details are as listed below:


This software costs Rs 750/- per month and is ideal for garages offering wheel alignment and balancing services. This software can also be used in tyre sale shops and wash & detailing centers. Up to 100 job cards in a month can be processed with the help of this software. Other features like GST billing, daily reporting to workshop manager and customer notification and reminders are also available in this software package.


This software costs Rs 1250/- per month and besides all the features that are available in the starter pack, it offers mobile experience too. Insurance, billing, labour pricing catalog, vehicle inventory and collision repair facility is available in this software system.


This variant of garage management software from Autorox costs Rs 1850/- per month and besides all features of bumper pack, it also contains the inventory facility which makes it a better option for garage management.

Uses of Autorox Software

This software can be used or multiple purposes and some of the key uses can be listed as:


  • It can be used for accounting purpose
  • It maintains a customer database
  • Maintenance scheduling can be done with the help of this software
  • Accounting management tasks get easier
  • Reporting is also streamlined with the help of Autorox garage management software
  • Inventory control and cash management gets easier
  • Parts management and preparing estimates are easy
  • Taxation reports and work order management can be done
  • Billing & invoice, vehicle tracking gets easier
  • Service history and work order management can be tracked
  • The centralized customer data facility
  • Easy repair estimation available
  • Active engagement with team, customers and partners
  • Total workshop management with all in one platform facility
  • State of the art technology available

Benefits of Autorox Software

Autorox software offers many benefits to the garage owners as it does for the customers. Some of the key benefits of this garage management software include:

  1. Helps in effective management

Effective management always increases the profitability of any business and this holds true in the case of the garage too. As a garage owner, one is only able to keep track of a few or at most 50 customers. Chances are high that with an increase in the number of customers, one is likely to forget their details. It is in such cases that Autorox garage management software will keep a tab on the need of the users. The software will keep an account of the customers through its database and will make sorting and managing the customers’ needs a virtual child’s play, something which is simply impossible through human efforts.

  1. Keeps a track of the past customers’ issue

The garage management system is designed in such a manner that it eventually keeps a track of the past issues of the customers. People will definitely appreciate it when they find that the past problems which the vehicle encountered have been documented in a professional manner. With the Autorox garage management system at work, it is always possible to track the customer issues and keep a repository of the same so that customers can benefit in the future too. Building a dedicated customer base also gets easy with the help of this garage management software.

  1. Cloud-based data storage

Data stored in physical form is always prone to misfortune like fire, accident or being stolen. The same applied to data storage done on computers too as they were prone to theft and breakage too. However lately cloud-based data storage is being done and garage management software like Autorox have taken a lead in this too. Its automated backup system ensures that the data is always safe and one never loses the data. Garage business owners will definitely benefit from such an innovation.

  1. Helps make the business organised

Garage business will definitely become more organized and better when the garage management system is in place. Tracking the repair of vehicles and their timely delivery gets automated with the help of the software and brings professionalism in any business which is always the core requirement when one wants to be successful.


Go for garage management software tracking and the business will definitely touch a new high.



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